Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Invest in Abundance

I start this post with a question! Can a Brand build a social asset, providing revenue, security, investment and interaction for it's stakeholders with the emphasis on social development, economic and environmental sustainability and Living Fairly?

As we step into 2009 we have come the full circle of realisation that what we set out to do with nui was change the way conscious purchasing decisions are made by building an infrastructure to make the process of bringing lovingly produced products to customers all around the world. We are now 90% there. We built the back end, our 10000 communities in the pacific and we built a network owned and operated by them in the field.

Now we need to move the next step to make real our dream of linking 10000 community producers with 1 million Nui generation customers. What we have now is a great range of product to create revenue for our producers, investors and for you the customer. What we need to move forward is investment in build the front end infrastructure, the customer base and we need help to talk and network and promote our story. We built a beautiful bridge now we need to lay the road base so communities and customers can freely move across.

If you believe that we should build a fairer system to trade, if you believe that we as western consumers owe an environmental debt to our neighbours in the pacific or if you would just like to be more informed about your purchasing choices then there are a number of things you can do.

1) We are building a systems of verification, a track and trace, if you like so that every product is coded and that code automatically brings up the contribution of purchasing that product has made to the social, environmental and economic improvement of the livelihoods of our community stakeholders. A)Through the foundations 2% transaction fee and B)through the direct contribution of raw materials into the finished product.
Lets not beat around the bush - to do this we need Cash - either by way of donation or investment, Our company is open for all Australians to invest. From parcels of $1000, We are selling 33% of the company has been set aside for private investment to raise funds to build our brand equity. 33% of the company will be held in trust by the NUI Foundation and the generated funds will be independently managed to invest in real improvements in the livelihoods of our pacific neighbours. The other 1/3 is owned by our processing partner African pacific to help build it's capacity in providing organic certification and improve processing methods and the quality of our products. If your interested in a prospectus please email Andreas@africanpacific.com for more details.

2) We need talented people - with passion about the pacific and fair trade and organic production, people in media, pr, marketing, food and health and especially, programming web design and database management. People prepared to give a little or a lot of their time to build this asset. This is not a job add it's a call for investment in time and talent to the Cause.
Anybody can help so call 1300 667 668

3) Transactions fuel the economic system and our current revenue stream is to sell 100% organic body, beauty and food products that give you the unique benefits of virgin coconut oil and Cacao.
Please if you've got a few bucks to spend on a friend, our products make exceptional gifts, so visit http://www.nuigeneration.com/, join up and get great deals and discounts on our products and learn a little more about the issues facing our generation.

Join the Nui Generation - Live Fair

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