Friday, December 18, 2009

Seasons Greetings and thank you - Nuigneration

Hi Olegta, (all-to-gether in Pacific pidgin)
Happy ho ho ho...and trust you are well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. Each one of us is dedicated to their vision and among us we all share a similar vision based on growth and empowerment for growers, landowners and friends in the Pacific.
2010 beckons with opportunity for all and promises to be a great year. Our main focuses for 2010 will be to build equity within our African Pacific business operations, the Pacific Growers Export Partnership (PGEP) and the Nui Organic Brand. Through the NuiGeneration, a global community focused on social equity in the Pacific, we would like to consolidate core stakeholders of the Nui Organic Brand, whether they are growers, supply chain participants, processors and customers. It is our platform through which we wish to link the network partners in the South Pacific with our Nui customers and friends globally. We believe that an ethical business can, particularly through the internet, operate on a basis of mass collaboration in which the voice of its stakeholders is an active part of daily management strategy, transparency and communication. This is now possible throughout much of the Pacific and will set the platform for grower representation.
I would like to take this occasion to invite you to join theNuiGeneration and become a voice for the Pacific. There is much to share from across the Pacific region as the NuiGeneration has strong roots in the Climate Change movement (click to bear witness for a minute), Organics, Fair Trade, cocoa, coconut, carbon, health and well being, all within the Pacific region. For those who have already joined thank you, please be so kind to check your details, as we try and consolidate our database to manage your input for the future.
For those that have hung in to the end of this mail..  There is of course the special for the Vanuatu Christmas bag auction with a twist, price discounts every day until sold out of 20th December. Please have a look, freight is included to anywhere including to the Pacific.
I thank you again for your indulgence, assistance, ideas, advice, contributions and most of all your passion in contributing positively and sustainably to a better world. Any questions on any matters please do not hesitate to contact me, please allow me to answer in 2010.
Thank you indeed, .. tankyu tru, vinaka vakalevu, faafetai lava, vielen dank, heel hartelijk bedankt, mockrát dekuji, merci beaucoup, baie dankie,
Blessings to you and your families and season greetings.. andreas b lombardozzi

I invite you to join the NuiGeneration part of the Pacific
Nui Generation Live Fair A division of African Pacific Pty Ltd ...
"Empowerment Through Opportunity"
PO Box 377; 7/21 Tepko Road, Terrey Hills, NSW, 2084, Australia 
(t) 1300 667 668; +61 2 9986 3444; +61 2 9986 3355 
(f) +61 2 9986 1911 
skype: drcoconut 

If this is of interest to you click here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nui born pure... Skincare & food made from 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Nui Vanuatu Christmas Gift Auction

A gift that gives in two ways,

beautiful products to nourish your loved ones while giving a helping hand to a whole community


Food lover’s pack

Health freak pack

For him

and a little for her too!

For her

If this sounds appealing, you are going to love the Nui Vanuatu Christmas bags.

It is the ideal gift to nurture you, friends and family as well as supporting our community partners in Vanuatu. Now that is getting into the Christmas spirit…

  • about our gift packs
  • How does theGift Auction work?
In North Ambae Vanuatu, there are four villages who struggle to meet their basic cash needs. The logistical difficulties of the many smaller islands of Vanuatu have made it difficult for the women to earn money through their traditional occupation of weaving bags. At times, the expense of getting their products to market exceeds the price of their bags which take days to make. This is their main means of support as well as being an integral part of their lives.

Given the cost of accessing markets many of the woman had stopped their weaving , but now, thanks to a concerted effort by ACTIV (Alternative Community Trade in Vanuatu, of building a bridge to a world market with marketing and logistics, they are now re-discovering their traditional handicrafts. Opening the islands to a sustainable market that respects fair prices, the integrity of the culture and the environment is a core philosophy for founder Sandrine Wallez. The communities are benefiting as you have decided to directly support the communities in the Pacific through the purchase of Nui products and handicrafts. The communities in the Pacific are benefiting with your decision to directly support them through the purchase of Nui products and handicrafts.

Yes, the power of change is in your pocket!

We bought the bags and filled them up for you with some of our wonderful fairly traded organic skin care and tasty food products. You can’t go wrong with this one... it is a conscience free indulgence of spending, even better, as there are about 8 or more products in each bag, you can give it all to one person or you can break it down to more than a present for one. You can help make a difference…

find out more about how you can be the change you wish to see at

At Nui we have a tendency to do things differently

and this Christmas is no different!

For the first three weeks of Christmas 2009, we have a Nui Christmas Bag Online Auction that we believe will make nearly everyone happy…

To celebrate Fair Trade over Christmas, we have created an online auction with a twist. Each day, instead of the price increasing, we will discount the price of the bags. That's right, each day we reduce the price a little… making it cheaper for you to buy…

but don't wait too long because there is limited stock.

20 unique Nui Vanuatu Christmas Bags, packed with Nui Organic products, valued at over $175.00, start the Auction on 1st of December for the already discounted price of $150.00, then each day the price drops by $6.50

… until the closing date 4pm, 20th of December.

It is a gift for all of us… from us to you… from you to us… from our community partners to you... and from you to them… 20 Nui Christmas bags with Nui Organic products and Handicrafts from Vanuatu…

Be sure to get one… there are only 20.
Happy shopping… happy giving…